Event Info


Online Sales

Online ticket sales end Thursday, August 8th at Midnight.
After that tickets will only be available at the Box Office.
Gates open Friday, August 9th at 10am.

Box Office hours:

Friday 10am – 10pm
Saturday 10am – 10pm
Sunday 10am – 2pm

There is no admittance after Box Office closes. Please plan accordingly.

Early Entry

If you purchased an Early Entry Passes, you can arrive as early as 5pm on Thursday, August 8th until 10pm. Early Entry is available for all RVs for an extra fee. No additional Early Entry Passes will be sold.

When You Arrive

Go to the Offsite Box Office located ¼ mile West of Belden Town. There you can purchase tickets and parking passes or pick up your credentials. Once you have your wristbands or other credentials, you will be shuttled into the venue or directed on where to park your vehicle if you have an onsite parking pass or RV Pass.

Onsite Parking

If you purchased an Onsite Parking Pass, collect your credentials at the Box Office and drive to Belden Town. You will be instructed on where to park. There is NO parking near your campsite or camping in your vehicle.

All cars will be parked safely onsite and protected by security. You will have access to your vehicle while onsite.

There is no IN and OUT privileges with your vehicle. Once it is parked it will be onsite until you leave for the weekend.

Offsite Parking

If you purchased an Offsite parking pass or wish to purchase one, go to the Offsite Box Office. Once you have your parking pass in hand, drive 5 miles West to the parking area. You will be shown where to park. Your vehicle will be protected by security during the event and will be accessible.

Shuttles will be available for you and your gear. Shuttles will drop you off onsite. There will be pedicabs available to assist you with getting your gear to your campsite.

Alternatives to Parking

You have other options beside parking onsite. We have our bus ride tickets that leave from Chico and we are offering both 3-Day Passes and 2-Day Passes for the Bus ride. Your other options are to carpool or you can be dropped off at the gate. There are also 1-Day Parking Passes for those with Day Passes.

DO NOT park off the street as we expect law enforcement to be ticketing and towing for any and all infractions. If this becomes a major problem it will affect our ability to obtain a permit for next year. Please be considerate.

Pedi-cab Service

There will be Pedi-cab services available for those who wish to get a little help shuttling their gear to their campsites.

Refunds & Transfers

Please keep in mind that FTFOI is a NO REFUND event. If you wish to transfer your tickets to someone else, please contact us so we can make sure the names on the tickets are correct to avoid any delays at the Box Office.

Looking for Volunteers

We are also looking for a few more volunteers. If you know any good people, send them to https://ftffest.com/event-info/volunteers.


Belden Town has limited cell service.

  • Verizon service is pretty good but not perfect


NO PETS ARE PERMITTED ON FESTIVAL GROUNDS. Please leave your furried loved ones at home.

Policy and Procedure for Service Animals

Recently, For The Funk Of It has been inundated with non-service animal pets, who have accompanied their owners in violation of California and federal law. Moreover, these animals have compromised the health and safety of festival patrons and legitimate service animals. We have therefore developed a new service animal policy and procedure. The policy and procedure will be strictly enforced and implemented in the interest of ensuring that bona fide service animals are permitted and all other animals are prohibited from For The Funk OF It festival grounds.

**By law, if an animal’s purpose or task is to provide protection, emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship, it is NOT considered a service animal and may NOT enter the festival grounds.**

Qualified and bona fide service animals are welcome at For The Funk Of It. Pets and non-service animals are NOT permitted. It is a crime to misrepresent a pet as a service animal. Those who bring their non-service animals to the festival will be ejected from the festival site without refund. All service animals must be trained, housebroken, leashed and under the direct control of their handler at all times. If any handler does not adhere to these conditions, the handler will be asked to remove the animal from the site. The handler then may return without the animal. For The Funk Of It reserves the right to refuse admittance to or eject any individual whose conduct poses a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals or service animals.
Any For The Funk Of It patron arriving at the festival with a service animal will need to have their service animal credentialed at the box office. This process should not be feared, as it will be conducted with respect and understanding. After the service animal has been credentialed by festival staff, important information will be provided to the disabled individual. Once your service animal has been credentialed, staff are not likely to question you again unless the animal causes a problem. Any patron bringing a non-service animal will be not permitted onto any of the festival grounds, including camping areas.


There will be onsite alcohol sales for those 21+ with valid ID. If you are obviously intoxicated you will not be served at the bar. Under-age drinking or use of illegal drugs WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Law Enforcement

Belden Town Road is a public road and is subject to peace officer patrols. No open containers on the road are allowed. You will be ticketed by law enforcement if caught.


There are NO OPEN FIRES allowed. You CAN bring a camp stove that runs on gas. You must obtain a free fire permit to operate any open flame devices such as a camp stove. Obtain permits here: https://permit.preventwildfiresca.org


If you smoke, please be very careful of all lit embers as the grounds are covered with dry leaves and grasses. Be sure to place fully extinguished butts in a proper receptacle!! A small personal container is recommended.


There will be food vendors, a bar, and ice sold on site.


The closest gas would be in Oroville or Chico (35 miles) is you are coming from the West. If you are coming from the East, then Quincy would be your closest gas (25 miles). Don’t drive to Belden Town on ‘Empty’ as there is nowhere to get gas on site.


The Feather River runs directly through Belden Town and is accessible for swimming. The water levels fluctuate as we are located next to the water release station. Most times the water is deep enough to swim in with little current but as the water level changes, so does the swiftness of the current. Please use good judgment when entering the water. We assume NO liability for swimming.


Sunglasses, a sweet sun hat, a light scarf, wrap, parasol or sarong; shade is vital when the sun is high! The campgrounds are ringed with vibrant oaks and pines but there are open areas as well: don’t count on getting a shady spot! (You may want to bring some Aloe for hero points in case you or a friend over embraces the early-summer rays).
It’s a good idea to bring some warm nighttime clothes as well as clothes and costumes for fun in the daytime sun. Though it’s usually quite warm this time of year in Concow We are expecting a high of 90 degrees during the day and mid sixties at night. With all the crazy weather we’ve seen lately you just never know for sure.
This event is based on movement! The grounds are small but you can dance for miles without ever leaving the dance floor. Your favorite shoes, boots and/or sandals are key. The terrain can be a little rocky and uneven in places. It all starts from the ground up, take care of your feet!
We will have food vendors on site, but it is always a good idea to bring a few snacks to keep you going.
Klean Kanteen Hydration Station will be onsite so you can fill your water bottles with great fresh water… This is delicious filtered fresh mountain water so bring a refillable non-glass container to minimize waste. Be sure to have a container for water for your campsite as it could be a bit of a stroll if you wake up thirsty.
Bring a headlamp or flashlight to help you keep it all together when the sun goes down.
This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event. Please try to not bring disposable items! Minimize unnecessary packaging well beforehand and do not bring it on-site. Let’s look out for our impact on each other and the land, leaving everything better than we found it. Bring bags for your camp area, our Green Team will be recycling and it will be much easier if it is separated ahead of time!
A basic necessity of most any outdoor overnight adventure is a tent to crash in. Resurrect your inner scout with a basic set-up or Glamp it on up; either way, you’ll be thankful to have a comfortable home base to come back to when you need to take a bit of rest.
You should plan to sleep at some point and will be thankful that you brought something comfortable to sleep in/on. Make it possible to treat yourself kindly.


2024 For The Funk Of It Festival Map

Questions? Reach out to us at info@ftffest.com