If you are reading this then you already have an affinity for the funk.

We like funk music and have for a very long time. The return of funk in the festival scene has revived the passion and joy of live shows and funk is the embodied essence of a good live show. All the components are there; first and foremost a kick-ass drummer driving the bus, backed up by phat bass that’s not shy in the mix, a heavy horn section blasting its way into your funky soul, keys, organs, moogs, clavinets all chilling your spine and jazzy guitar liquefying your hips as you get further on down. Only to be topped by the most soul-stirring vocalists both male and female bringing you to aural ecstasy.

The great thing about funk music, especially live funk, is it brings together all types of people, young and old, hippie and hipster, singles and families–just for the joy of good music. We want to bring that spirit of community and good music together in beautiful Lake Concow to celebrate the beauty of joy and unity through music. It is our deepest hope that the joy created will benefit not only you and the bands, but all of us and the venue–and beyond.


We are very proud to offer for your delight, Northern California’s only ALL FUNK music festival.

We will be bringing the most talented funk musicians who are dying to lay down some seriously funky music for you. It is our goal to bring to you the wide variety of contemporary funk bands killing it around the globe today. So, if you see some bands that you are not too familiar with, I strongly urge you to check them out, as you have my personal assurance that they are indeed worth your attention.

At For the Funk of It Music Festival we offer 3 days of live music, camping, food/craft vendors, as well as on-site showers and ample porta-potties. We will be selling festival merchandise such as T-shirts and posters and also other goodies from the performers. My guess is you will be finding at least one or two new favorite bands this weekend!